2D Baby Ultrasound in La Mesa

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Our ‘first peek’ 2D package connects you with your little one for $45

Limited Diagnostic Ultrasound Services.

So your doctor has confirmed you’re pregnant? Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! The first trimester of your pregnancy is an exciting time, but waiting for your 20-week sonogram is no fun, right? Our 2D baby scan takes 5-10 minutes and lets you connect with your baby as early as six weeks.

You’ll get digital photos, a digital video, and 1 printed picture! One picture is never enough. We’ll send you digital photos of your baby that you can view later and share with your loved ones. You’ll also receive a video of your session.

Our 2D package comes with Sonostream Live! Is there someone special who can’t be with you on that day? No problem. Our new technology lets them virtually see everything that you experience during your ultrasound. Invite family and friends to join you through a private video link that they can watch live — or replay later — for $12.95 per person.

We offer a military discount of $5 off! We like to show we care, so just ask us if you qualify.

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Discount for other packages included! We know one glimpse of your baby isn’t enough,  so you’ll get a $15 coupon that is redeemable against our 4D/ HD packages. Come back later in your pregnancy (the ideal time for 4D is 28-32 weeks) to confirm whether you are having a boy or girl and see their facial features in high definition.

We value your comfort! Our rooms are private, safe, and clean for your ultimate comfort. Our staff are fully qualified sonographers and love to make you feel special. It’s important to feel pampered during your pregnancy, so we provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where you can relax and enjoy the experience.

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Would you like a keepsake recording of your baby’s heartbeat? Add this to your package for $10 OR choose from our range of heartbeat buddies from $25-$35. Our plush and cuddly toys have the recording inside, so you can listen to your little one’s heartbeat while you’re waiting to meet them.

We have 2D baby scan appointments available Wednesday-Friday (12-7 pm) and Saturday-Sunday (10-3 pm). Click here to book now and meet your little peanut ASAP!

Please note that our 2D ultrasound is not intended to be a replacement for your OBGYN visits. While it can show your baby’s internal organs, it is not designed to detect abnormalities.


2D Ultrasound Package – $45

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Listen to your baby’s heartbeat and see a glimpse of them growing, starting at 6 weeks!

  • 2D ultrasound
  • 5-10 Minute session
  • 1 printed picture
  • No gender determination
  • MommyAccess Included – View and share digital photos of your baby on the same day as your ultrasound session
  • $15 coupon towards any future HD ultrasound packages purchased during the same pregnancy
  • Access to Sonostream! Invite family and friends all over the world to view your ultrasound with you ($12.95 for each person that joins you) – Click for more details
  • *No further discounts or coupons apply

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